24 September 2023 Participation of Professor. Mohamed Lotayef Executive President, in World Retina Day

Professor. Mohamed Lotayef Executive President of the Egyptian Health Council, participated today, Sunday, September 24, 2023, on World Retina Day, which is organized by the Princess Fatima Academy, headed by Dr. Sahar Farag, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, at the headquarters of the Princess Fatima Academy, and in the presence of ophthalmology specialists from various entities. The Ministry of Health and Egyptian universities.
His Excellency introduced the Egyptian Health Council and presented the Council's activities
1. The national exam to practice the profession.
Establishing and supervising standards, procedures and rules for qualifying tests to obtain a license to practice medical professions and the Egyptian Board, in coordination with the competent authorities.
2. Egyptian Board.
The Council grants an accredited certificate called the “Egyptian Board” to all graduates of health sector colleges after passing the training program and the unified test for each of the health specializations subject to the provisions of this law.
3. Continuing professional development (CPD).
Approving scientific, professional, and specialized health training programs for the post-university stage, and approving professional certificates for those who pass these programs in the various branches of medical health work from the relevant training bodies approved by the Council.
4. Create records for workers in the public and private health sector.
5. Establish national registries for diseases and medical interventions.
6. Guidelines.
7. Standards for applying professional ethical charters.
Establishing the necessary standards for applying professional ethical charters to achieve safe health practice, and working to monitor them, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, the Supreme Council of University Hospitals, and the Department of Medical Services in the Armed Forces.

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