09 October 2023 A workshop to develop clinical work guides from October 9-11

Professor Mohamed Lotayef Executive President of the Egyptian Health Council participated in a technical capacity-building workshop on clinical guideline methodology from October 9 to 11, with the support of the World Health Organization / the Organization’s Regional Office in Egypt and the World Health Organization/the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, and the participation of the Authority. General Educational Institutes, in the presence of Prof. Muhammad Mustafa Abdel Ghaffar, Chairman of the General Authority for Institutes and Teaching Hospitals, and Professor  Alia Akl, Professor of Medicine at the American University of Beirut, in the presence of professors from the specialized committees formed to work and review national guidelines for treating diseases and epidemics in various health specialties.
Some of the workshop objectives:
• Understand the comprehensive processes for developing a guideline methodology
• Setting priorities and selecting indicative topics
• Search for relevant guidelines
• Evaluating the quality of the guidelines
• Search for relevant systematic reviews
•  Evaluating the quality of systematic reviews

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