18 October 2023 Egyptian Health Council Board of Directors meeting today, Wednesday 10/18/2023

His Excellency Professor  Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population, participated in the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Health Council on Wednesday, 18/10/2023, headed by Professor  Mohamed Mostafa Lotayef Executive President of the Egyptian Health Council, and the following topics were discussed:
• Informing the Council members of the issuance of Prime Minister’s Resolution No. 3798 of 2023 issuing the executive regulations for the law establishing and organizing the Egyptian Health Council.
• Briefing the Council on the position of the permanent headquarters allocated to the Egyptian Health Council
• A proposed date for holding the qualification test to obtain a license to practice the profession for human doctors is November 2023, and to discuss the position of other specialties.
• Presenting a proposal to form higher committees for qualification examinations to license the practice of health professions.
• Presentation of a draft proposal for international agreements with some royal colleges and the General Medical Council in the United Kingdom.
• Proposal of some working groups for the specialties of the committee for developing guidelines in human medicine.

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