27 November 2023 The national examination for practicing medicine 11/27/2023

The national exam for practicing medicine, November 2023, was held on 11/27/2023 under the supervision of the Egyptian Health Council, headed by Prof. Mohamed Lotayef Executive president of the Council, and Dr. Ihab Kamal, General Coordinator of Professional Matriculation Exams.
A central room was formed to conduct the exam, which was held online via the website designated for that purpose.
(2) electronic trial exams were held on 11/18/2023 and 12/19/2023 under the same conditions for all students and the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, and work was done to solve the logistical problems related to registering applicants, and the technical problems that appeared at the time, and ( 2) Mock exam 11/21/2023, 11/23/2023.
  12,381 intern doctors took the exam, and this is the first attempt to take the exam, knowing that there are two attempts. The intern doctor can take the exam again in the same role if he does not succeed in the first attempt or if he is unable to take the exam, on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, and Monday, December 4, 2023. .
The exam was monitored centrally from within the operating room formed to monitor the exam, and all results appeared immediately upon completion of taking the unified exam, as correction was done electronically without any human intervention.
Note that the exam was held after following the following steps: -
A higher committee was formed in the Egyptian Health Council to set the questions for the national exam, from a group of professors specialized in medical colleges in various Egyptian universities and from a group of professors specialized in medical education and from the Military Medical Academy and the Police.
The committee held more than one meeting to select the questions for the experimental, simulation and final exams that qualify for obtaining a license to practice the profession for doctors in accordance with international standards in medical education.
The deans of public and private medical colleges and armed forces medicine were contacted to register students through the universities.
Questions were also presented, and a medical education expert at the global level was consulted. The committee aims to sustainably provide intensive training programs for trainers and the medical education sector according to an integrated program throughout the year in coordination with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank within the framework of the Egyptian Health Council’s work plan. The committee also aims to establish a question bank. At the latest global level in accordance with international standards to achieve the best levels similar to similar exams abroad.
All students paid the prescribed fees for taking the exam electronically through the network of electronic collection companies and branches of the National Bank of Egypt nationwide.

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