About council

Within the framework of implementing the state’s strategy in accordance with Article No. (18) of the Egyptian Constitution, which stipulates that “every citizen has the right to health and to integrated health care in accordance with quality standards and in accordance with the third goal of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and the state guarantees the preservation of public health service facilities that provide its services.” to the people, support it, and work to raise its efficiency and equitable geographical spread.

In light of the state's endeavor to develop the Egyptian health system and improve public health services, a number of presidential initiatives have been launched aimed at establishing a comprehensive health insurance system, improving the performance of medical education and raising the standard of living for members of the medical profession in Egypt. The law establishing the Egyptian Health Council comes as an important new step within one of Steps taken by the state to improve the Egyptian health system.

  Within the framework of this approach, Law No. 12 of 2022 was issued to establish the Egyptian Health Council as a public service body, and it shall have a legal personality, and report to the President of the Republic. (One of the branches of the Council. The provisions of the law apply to all graduates of the faculties of the health sector, which are the faculties of human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing, veterinary medicine and other health specializations for which a decision is issued by the Prime Minister. The Council may establish branches in the governorates, and replace The Egyptian Authority for Compulsory Training of Physicians, established by Resolution No. 210 of 2016.

The board is managed by the Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors, and the General Secretariat.


Organizing post-university vocational medical education processes in all current health specialties, and new ones, in a way that contributes to improving the quality of health services provided to citizens, within the framework of the sustainable development strategy, and in achieving Egypt’s Vision 2030.


Improving health services in the Arab Republic of Egypt by developing the level of medical and health training for physicians and workers in various medical specialties and for graduates of medical and health colleges, and testing them to verify that they have sufficient qualification for safe medical and health practice, in accordance with the general health and medical policy of the state.
Achieving integration and cooperation in the field of health training between the Council and the various scientific bodies and councils in the fields of the same disciplines inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, to achieve international standards for safe health practice, and to keep pace with the Council for scientific progress.


We are committed in our performance to impartiality, professional standards, and accuracy in performance in line with international best practices, and we practice honesty, transparency, and mutual respect during the exchange of our business.